The Sangita Sound Massage positively influences your general well-being.

Stress is reduced and complete relaxation emerges.

Your body, mind and soul unite.

At the beginning, you listen to the individual sounds with closed eyes and decide which singing bowls are to be used for you and your very own personal sound massage.

Then you make yourself comfortable on the couch, maybe you wish to cover yourself with a blanket – it is up to you. You close your eyes and first of all feel your breath and let it go deeper.

The singing bowls are placed on your body and the pleasant sound vibration journey begins. By rhythmically striking the singing bowls, waves are created in the body (which mainly consists of water), spreading in form of concentric circles. Each module of water will be set in motion in this way, reaching all cells. It can be compared with throwing a stone into standing water.

The soft vibrations will gently relieve your whole body of tensions, blockages and muscle tightness. Emotional and mental tenseness can dissolve and make room for serenity and inner peace.

I am looking forward to seeing you!

You are also welcome to purchase vouchers as a gift to family or a good friend.


“That is the one thing in life you have to do.

Spread the light. Be the lighthouse!”

– Yogi Bhajan –