Would you rather practice yoga at home in your own space, at a time that suits your life’s tasks – perhaps with a personalized yoga programme?

If so, let us make two appointments. During the first, I would like to get to know you and learn more about your very personal requirements or aims for your individualized yoga session. Based on this dialogue, I will create “your yoga practice” and present it to you during our next appointment. This is your private yoga class in which we practice your personalized yoga programme, clarifying all questions you may have and making any necessary adjustments so you can joyfully master it at home in your own space.

Allow approximately one hour for the first appointment and around 1.5 hours for the second. Creating your actual individualized yoga programme on the basis of our first dialogue will take me about three hours.

Energy exchange for the complete package will be 120 Euros.

I am looking forward to creating your own individualized yoga programme.

“If circumstances challenge you to search your spirit, that is the starting point of your spiritual path.”

– Yogi Bhajan –