“Man” means “mind”,

“Tra” means “wave” or ”projection“.

A mantra is an instrument with which you can project your mind and change your emotional and mental state.

For the mantras to be effective, it is not important whether you understand them. It is important that you say, chant, read, sing or recite them and to be aware of the sound current, the vibrations thus created.

Mantras help you to clear your mind of the mental clutter and excess of thoughts, to focus and to open up your intuition. Only after letting go of any thoughts, a sense of inner peace and mindfulness emerges.

Mantras are like asanas (yoga exercises) for your mind.


“The power of a mantra is not in its meaning but in the sound current, in the effect of the pattern of its sound vibrations. Under the influence of vibration, for example, small dust particles form to create clear geometric patterns and images, corresponding with the nature, strength and rhythm of the sound.”

– Yogi Bhajan –