Katrin Trittner, Kundalini Yoga Wangerland, Wüppelser Altendeich 28, 26434 Wangerland

Scope of Application

The following General Terms and Conditions regulate the contractual relationship between the participant and the facilitator, Katrin Trittner, Kundalini Yoga Wangerland, Wüppelser Altendeich 28, 26434 Wangerland. Any deviating General Terms and Conditions of the participant shall not apply.


Registration and its Confirmation

Registration shall be in writing either by surface mail or email. Registrations shall be accepted in the order in which they are received and shall become legally binding after written confirmation by Katrin Trittner. According to § 312 b, Article 3, No. 6 of the Civil Code, regulations on distance contracts shall not apply for contracts for the rendering of services in the field of leisure activities, if Katrin Trittner undertakes to render services at a certain time or within a specific period of time when the contract is being concluded. To this end, the participant shall have no right of revocation according to the Distance Contract Regulations.

Classes and workshops shall take place with a minimum of five participants.


Ability to Participate

It is assumed that all participants in classes, seminars, workshops and retreats are self-responsible and have a normal psychological and physical capacity. If you are under heavy medication or undergoing psychotherapeutic treatment, please discuss your participation with your physician or therapist. If you are facing an acute physical or psychological problem, you should consult a doctor as to whether yoga classes are medically sensible at this point in time.



Participation in any course shall exclude all liability. The facilitator shall not be liable for any personal injury during any events (classes/seminars/workshops/retreats/massages). Liability for any damage, especially due to inaccurate contents and recommendations, technical failure or any other inadequacy shall be excluded. This shall also apply for services rendered to participants by third parties.

Personal possessions, especially valuables, are taken into the rooms of the facilitator by all participants on their own responsibility. Liability for any loss shall categorically not be accepted.


Attendance Fees and Payment Conditions

Fees published at the time of registration shall apply. The indicated deposit shall be due once registration has been made. For workshops/yoga retreats, the balance shall be paid not later than 30 days prior to the beginning of the workshop/yoga retreat. Until payment is received, no entitlement to participate shall apply.

For evening, daytime and weekend classes, attendance fees shall be payable in full not later than immediately after receiving confirmation of registration.

Cost for flights and any other transport shall, unless indicated otherwise, be borne by the participant. Katrin Trittner Kundalini Yoga Wangerland  is no travel agent.


Single & 3-Class Passes and Units:

Single and multi-class passes in combination with class/course units and special offers shall entitle the holder to a specific number of sessions. Cancellation shall not be possible. 3-class passes shall expire six months after date of issue and are non-transferable. Entitlement to attendance shall expire after this period if any passes are not redeemed.


Cancellation and Rebooking

Cancellations must only be made in writing (either by surface mail or email). In case a participant is unable to attend, they can, at any time, name a replacement taking part on their behalf.


With cancellations of a registration for evening, daytime and weekend workshops, the following shall apply:

  1. A cancellation in writing shall reach the facilitator not later than four days prior to the event.
  2. Non-adherence of this deadline shall require full payment of the attendance fee.

Private yoga classes and appointments for sound massage shall be paid in full if not cancelled within 24 hours of start time.

In the event of cancelling participation in yoga retreats, the following fees shall be charged:

  1. Up to 56 calendar days before start time: no fee – the deposit shall be refunded.
  2. Up to 28 calendar days before start time: 50% of total fee
  3. Within less than 28 calendar days: full charge
  4. In the event of non-attendance, the fee shall be payable in full and any fees already paid shall not be refunded.


Schedule Changes

In the event of exceptional and unpredictable circumstances for which Katrin Trittner cannot be held responsible, such as weather conditions or unavailability of the instructor, Katrin Trittner reserves the right to change the location and/or time of any workshop, replace the instructor, cancel the event or adapt the schedule at short notice.

If the minimum number of participants is not met, Katrin Trittner shall reserve the right to reschedule or cancel the respective event. In this case, Katrin Trittner shall seek to inform the participants not later than ten days before start time accordingly.

In the event of rescheduling, participants shall be able to choose between attendance of the rescheduled event and refund of any attendance fees already paid. If an event is completely cancelled, any attendance fees already paid shall be refunded.

Reschedulung or cancellation of a workshop shall not entitle the participant to any further claims, especially claims for damages.


Severability Clause

If one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions become null and void, either in full or in part, the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.


Newsletter/Data Privacy

Information on news about and recent changes in classes offered are forwarded to participants by electronic newsletter/email only. Personal data shall be stored in electronic form for processing purposes in adherence to the provisions of the German Data Protection Act.
The partipants agree to the processing of their personal data as required.
Please have as well a look to the data privacy policy just next to the impressum at the bottom of the pages of the homepage.



This contract and its execution shall exclusively be governed by German Law.
Any agreements deviating from this contract shall only be valid if made in writing.
Errors and modifications excepted.



Katrin Trittner, Kundalini Yoga Wangerland, Wüppelser Altendeich 28, 26434 Wangerland