– based on YIU®-teaching concepts –

During a corporate yoga class, your staff will find a refreshing work-life balance and a powerful source of regeneration. Specific techniques for stress- and self-management are offered from which they can draw in everyday situations.

Participants will

  1. learn techniques that can easily be integrated into everyday (business) life to counteract stress-induced health issues
  2. develop a sense of when, where and how these techniques can be employed
  3. be motivated to practice on their own for preventive and follow-up care



  1. Breathing exercises/relaxation
  2. Exercises for loosening up all body parts that are strained during everyday office life
  3. Exercises to give the back some relief from being a stress carrier
  4. Kundalini Yoga sequences for stress relief and mental regeneration
  5. Meditations for strong nerves, emotional balance, general well-being, etc.


Stress management is only one of many topics in
”Occupational Health Management“.

You are welcome to make an appointment to clarify my assignment. I am curious to find out which priorities you place on the Occupational Health Management to be implemented in your company and to what aim.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


”Health is more than the absence of illness.

Health is the conscious handling with vital resources.

Health is essentially influenced by behaviour and lifestyle habits.“