Children’s yoga consists of various more or less playful exercises informed by the momentary needs of the children and embedded into an exciting story that can develop or change during the yoga class with the children’s imagination.

The following dream journey invites to learn how to enjoy silence and relaxation for applying it in everyday life to recharge their batteries.

The class closes with a short meditation from the Kundalini Yoga tradition or the drawing of a mandala – whatever spontaneously arises according to the presently existing energy of the group. The children learn to develop self-esteem, inner strength, quiet and concentration.

Yoga provides children with effective tools to help them accept their bodies, sense and understand their feelings and thus lead a happy life by following their destiny.


Ten things to do for our children:

Love them

Build their self-esteem

Challenge them

Listen to them<br

Expect respect

Limit them

Make God a part of their lives

Develop a sense of learning in them

Help them to be community-minded

Let them go

– Yogi Bhajan –